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Why is my yard so soggy?

Let’s first take a look at a few things. 
  • Is your yard flat?
  • The water that’s discharging from the water management tools working or properly installed?
  •  How is your yard graded?
  • Does the water have anywhere to go?
These are just an example of the things we would look for. If your backyard is directly in front of a hill you will have a lot of water pressure coming down hill “water does not flow up hill”. The solution could be a retaining wall or a drain to the water depending on the amount of pressure.  By now based on previous blogs you should know gutters need to be cleaned, downspout extensions, sump pump discharge line(s) and condensation line(s) for your air conditioning unit(s) should be 6-10 feet away from your homes foundation. The second part to these water management tools being effective is to make sure it is running off your property adequately.