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Basement Waterproofing Portfolio


Michele Brown


In June 2022, Capstone Waterproofing performed an awesome job waterproofing my basement. Joe exemplified optimal professionalism.

He was very patient with explaining the work to be performed and responding to all my questions. The team that was selected to provide my service, arrived on time and completed the job timely as promised.

They left my basement as cleaned as before their arrival. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the job performed and I would highly recommend Capstone Waterproofing.


Ronald Thornton


Capstone Waterproof Solutions is a great resource for resolving waterproofing problems. Joe McPherson is a very honest and upstanding guy. From start to finish Joe and his staff provided exceptional service for meeting my needs and resolving my basement water issue. 


Lead by Mr. Jones, the install crew were very respectful of my property and handled everything with extreme care and detail. I posted some pictures of their great work. Give them a call you won’t be disappointed.


Michelle Coleman


Capstone Waterproofing performed an absolute miracle on my basement.

Their skilled team was professional, efficient, and provided me with clear communication throughout the project.
This company gets the job done right!!!

Basement Waterproofing Case Studies

Before After Waterproofing a basement in LanhamWaterproofing a basement in Lanham

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Lanham, MD

A dry crawl space is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and indoor air quality of a home. To address these concerns, our team completed a crawl space waterproofing project for a homeowner in Lanham, MD.

This 90 linear feet waterproofing project involved excavation work, the installation of drain tile and a sump pump, and the addition of a drain board and gravel for efficient water drainage.

A concrete finish provided a polished and finished appearance. The project was quoted at $13k.

Before After Waterproofing a basement in Capitol HeightsWaterproofing a basement in Capitol Heights

Stairwell Drain And Sump Pump System in Capitol Heights, MD

After each rain, this client’s stairwell flooded, which lead to water entering the basement. This was a smaller project by size, but with a lot of details involved. We started with upgrading the stairwell drain with a Spee-D Channel Drain, along with the installation of a 9×9 catch basin and a sump pump.

Drain tile, drain board, and gravel were also installed ensure efficient water drainage, with concrete finishing providing a polished and finished appearance. The project was quoted at $5k.

Before After Basement work on a home in BowieBasement work on a home in Bowie

Interior waterproofing system In Bowie, MD

Our team was called to address water stains on the drywall of a client’s home in Bowie, MD. We identified water infiltration and the need for an interior waterproofing system.

Once we exposed the foundation, we completed an excavation to install the necessary components. This 180 linear feet waterproofing project included the installation of a sump pump, drain board, drain tile, and gravel for proper draining. A 9×9 catch basin was also installed, along with concrete finishing for a smooth and finished appearance.

The project was quoted at $24k.

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Jackie O'Neal


This has to be the best experience by far of all the contractors we have worked with! I can’t say enough about the great people who worked on our property! Joe kept us informed through the entire process.

His knowledge eliminated our stress right from the beginning! The finished product was superb! His crew went above and beyond our expectations!

An A+ rating is still not good enough ! Capstone Is amazing in every way!


Nichelel Morris


I am grateful for the talent and expertise of Capstone Waterproofing. The owner genuinely loves what he does, is patient with questions, and willingly provides education so customers are able to make wise choices.

From estimate to completion, Capstone Waterproofing was timely and responsive. The estimate was scheduled quickly, the quote provided promptly, and each day of work began timely. The quote had enough detail to be confident in my decision to trust their approach to protecting my home.

I especially liked that the Project Manager was Onsite and available to address deviations to schedule and ensure optimal performance.

For example, they anticipated rain near the end of the project and changed the schedule to accommodate. In addition, I received videos/photos of each stage of repair. Seeing the water leaving my property, now replaces the anxiety/memory of sump pump failure and flood.


Candace Dent


Contacted this company as I found mold growing in my basement. I lived in the home for years and wonder why I continued to have headaches all the time. Didn’t know what the cause was.

Once Capstone came into my home and ran tests they found my issue. Quickly set up a plan to clear out the mold and stop it from coming back. The work was excellent and completed in a timely fashion. I will definitely be using Capstone in the future.

Basement Finishing Case Studies

An empty basement with carpet flooring and a white door

800 sq. ft. Basement finishing in Capitol Heights, MD

For this basement finishing project in Capitol Heights, we began with installing insulation to ensure proper temperature control. Next, we framed the space to create designated areas, and installed drywall for a smooth and polished finish.

Electrical wiring was then installed to provide power and lighting throughout the basement. Carpet installation was completed to provide a comfortable and cozy surface for walking and sitting. Finally, we completed the project with painting and trim work.

The total cost of the project was $15k, with the cost of flooring alone amounting to $3k.

An empty basement with LVP flooring

1200 Sq. Ft. Basement finishing in Lanham, MD

This was a larger basement finishing project in Lanham, MD, encompassing 1200 square feet. 

Our team started by installing insulation, framing, and drywall to create even walls. Electrical wiring and dehumidifiers were taken care of as well.

 LVP flooring was installed to create a durable and modern look. Finally, we completed the project with painting and trim work, providing the space with a polished and finished appearance.

The total cost of the project was $26k, with the flooring alone costing $5k.

A basement turnt into a gym

150 sq. ft. Fitness Room in Upper Malrboro, MD

Basements are ideal places for home gyms, as is this fitness room in Upper Marlboro, MD. To start, we insulated the space to regulate temperature and ensure a comfortable workout experience. Next, we framed the room to create a designated fitness area, and installed drywall and electrical wiring to provide power and lighting.

The flooring installation was completed, creating a durable and non-slip surface for exercise. To complete the project, we added a finishing touch with painting and trim work, providing a polished look.

The total cost of the project was $8k, with the trim work alone costing $1k.

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Liz Tracy


Capstone was wonderful to work with: they were quick, professional, clean, and responsive.

The work was high-quality. They were transparent about the whole process, and the cost was reasonable compared to other estimates.

I loved how honest they were and how they explained everything they were doing as they were doing it. It’s so important to know what’s going on with your house.

I am forever grateful for the work they did to waterproof our basement and fortify our foundation.




If you want a company that shows compassion and is passionate about their work then Capstone Waterproofing Solutions is the company to seek.

I experienced water damage in my basement and only learned through Joe and Clyde’s seek and discovery consultation that the water damage was due to a crack in the foundation in the basement wall.

Joe went over the whole process verbally and in writing as well as provided educational material to further explain what happened in my situation and the process of resolving the issue. I was in total awe because I had three other waterproofing companies to provide a consultation and quote and NONE of the other companies did a seek and discovery let alone provided material to further educate me on the problem I was experiencing.

Joe kept me informed on everything. Joe and his team is very professional, always on-time, reliable, and informing. They did a fantastic job in correcting the issue. The team was very professional in the work they performed in the inside and outside of the home looks great.

I highly recommend Capstone Waterproofing Solutions to anyone that need their services.


Ria Jackson


We discovered water in the basement thinking the origin was a crack in the foundation, so we contacted Capstone. Everyone was extremely professional from the first phone call through the consult and assessment.

Joe called prior to arriving and arrived right on time. After a thorough assessment, he patiently explained what he discovered and answered my many questions.

The issue was not a waterproofing issue, but he did make some recommendations on how to proceed with our issue. He also shared some maintenance tips and other useful information.

Joe was extremely professional and provided excellent customer service.

Foundation Repair Case Studies

Before After A team member of Capstone using a pickaxe on a basement floorWaterproofing a basement floor

Multiple Vertical Cracks Repair In Upper Marlboro, MD

The foundation repair project in Upper Marlboro, MD involved addressing multiple vertical cracks in the foundation. To properly fix the issue, the cracks were chipped out to get to the root of the problem. Additionally, parts of the floor were chipped out to expose areas that required repair.

 The repair process included installing drain board, adding gravel, and applying hydraulic concrete. Once the repairs were complete, we finished the concrete. 

The project was quoted at $3.5k

Before After Waterproofing a basement in KensingtonWaterproofing a basement in Kensington

Steel I Beam install In Springdale MD

The foundation repair project in Sprindale, MD spanned on 50 linear feet and required several steps. The project began with excavation to access the foundation and prepare it for repair. Steel I beams were then installed for reinforcement and adding strength to the structure.

Drain board and drain tile were also installed to prevent water buildup and potential damage to the foundation. We also installed a new sump pump and vapor barrier, and finished the concrete. 

The entire project was quoted at $28k, with the Steel I beams alone costing $6,500. This investment was necessary to ensure the safety and stability of the property.

Before After Waterproofing project in SpringdaleWaterproofing a basement in Springdale

Pin install to stablize foundation wall, Kensington, MD

When we saw the cracks in this home’s walls, we knew there’s a foundation issue. This foundation repair project in Kensington started with a serious excavation to reveal the footers and install the rebar. 

We poured 3500 PSI concrete and hydraulic cement to repair any damage and ensure the wall’s stability. Drain board and drain tile were installed to prevent water buildup and potential damage to the foundation, and we also installed a sump pump to further protect against water buildup. 

The entire project was quoted at $11k.

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