Exactly How Much Will It Cost Me To Keep My Basement Dry (2022)

Great question…… Pressure Relief System Installing a pressure relief system can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment.  The average price (*National average: depends on the size of your basement) for installation is around ($8500-$13500); however, many companies charge extra if you want them to fix other issues like outside drainage or downspout extensions too!  […]

Four Signs You Need a Basement Waterproofer

It is important to know the signs of when it’s time to call in a basement waterproofer. Basement waterproofers are experts on repairing and fixing leaky basements, but you should be aware of the common signs that indicate your home needs their help. If you see any of these four signs, then contact your local […]

What is the sump pump crock

What is the sump pump crock The sump pump crock is where the water that is collected around the foundation by the drain tile goes. The typical size is 30″ deep and 24″ in diameter which can hold approximately 25 gallons of water. The crock should be located at the lowest point of the basement at […]

Beware of hidden water signs

Beware of hidden water signs When I am searching to buy a new home, what are the signs that the basement may have a water issue?  The picture above shows a freshly painted basement floor and wall. Believe it or not this is a sign that you need to investigate further.  The bottom of a […]