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The Best Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Systems You Can Get In MD

Want to make sure your home’s foundation remains solid throughout the years?

Here are the best 3 exterior foundation waterproofing systems you can get for your home in MD.

Discover the best defenses against moisture now!

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The Best Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Systems in MD

Maryland homeowners can utilize top-tier exterior foundation waterproofing systems for comprehensive moisture intrusion prevention. These solutions use advanced polymers and natural clay panels engineered to keep basements dry and foundations secure.

Poly Wall® Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems protect your home’s foundation from water damage. These high-performance products create a strong barrier against moisture, keeping basements and crawlspaces dry.

Poly Wall’s self-adhering membranes provide reliable waterproofing that defends your home from the ground up. They’re designed to resist tears and punctures, preventing leaks.

Homeowners trust these waterproofing systems for long-lasting protection. Applying Poly Wall® products during construction or foundation repair can save on future costs by preventing water infiltration.

Waterproofing contractors love the ease of installation and dependability of these below-grade solutions. Trust these systems to keep out unwanted moisture and preserve your foundation over time.

Liquid-applied waterproofing membranes effectively keep basements dry and secure in MD. These coatings create a seamless barrier, preventing moisture from seeping through foundation walls.

Applied directly onto surfaces, they bond tightly, forming a durable, water-resistant layer. This flexible membrane is ideal for complex surfaces and areas prone to cracking as it can stretch and move with your home’s foundation.

Homeowners trust this method because it effectively stops water infiltration, even under high hydrostatic pressure. Unlike pre-formed liners or sheets, liquid membranes protect against water damage by thoroughly covering every area.

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Bentonite waterproofing panels offer a unique method for exterior foundation waterproofing. These panels contain bentonite clay sandwiched between materials that expand upon contact with water, creating an impermeable barrier.

Bentonite’s natural swelling properties allow it to absorb significant amounts of water. Installation is simple – attach the self-sealing panels to the exterior walls and let them prevent water infiltration.

Perfect for safeguarding basements in Maryland’s unpredictable weather without complex maintenance or frequent repairs.

The Importance of Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Exterior foundation waterproofing is a vital investment for Maryland homeowners, shielding properties from water damage. It’s more than just basement dryness; it’s a proactive move to protect home stability and value.

To keep water out and prevent issues like mold and structural damage, it’s essential to seal your foundation with a robust waterproofing system. High-quality products such as liquid membranes or bentonite panels create a barrier against moisture, ensuring dry basement walls.

Foundation sealing is the first defense against costly repairs, resisting hydrostatic pressure caused by heavy rainfall or high water tables. Invest in the right waterproofing solutions for peace of mind during storms and wet seasons.

An efficient exterior foundation waterproofing system protects your home from moisture damage. Daily exposure to damp conditions can harm your foundation and lead to costly repairs.

You can prevent moisture from degrading building materials by using products like Liquid-applied membranes or Bentonite panels. This defense is crucial for a dry environment that prevents mold growth and strengthens structural elements over time.

Waterproofing solutions secure crawlspace and basement areas against humidity, reducing maintenance worries and preserving your home’s value. Invest in reliable waterproofing for your property and your family’s well-being.

Shielding your home from moisture damage through exterior foundation waterproofing is just the start. It enhances structural integrity by strengthening and conditioning, reducing risk over time.

Seal out water efficiently to prevent the cycle of freeze and thaw that harms foundations in Maryland’s changing climate.

Top-notch materials like Bentonite panels or liquid membranes create an impenetrable barrier. This defense keeps water away and maintains wall strength for years to come.

The best types of exterior foundation waterproofing systems in Maryland include rubber membranes, liquid coatings, and drain tile systems.
A good quality exterior waterproofing system can last for many years, often over 10 years, when properly installed and maintained.
No, installing an exterior foundation waterproofing system is complex and requires professional equipment and expertise.
An external foundation waterproofing system reduces the likelihood of water entering your basement but may not stop every drop due to extreme conditions.
You should clear the area around your home’s foundation as much as possible so professionals can easily access it for installation.


In Maryland, staying ahead of moisture means safeguarding your home’s foundation with top-notch waterproofing.

Options like Poly Wall® systems, versatile liquid membranes, quality sump pumps, or a basement waterproofing project are usually enough to ensure your property is safe from water’s harm.

Here at Capstone Waterproofing Solutions, our goal is to help our clients in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas ensure their properties are 100% safe and structurally sound, and basement waterproofing jobs are the first step toward that.

If you’re interested in putting your basement to better use, check out our basement waterproofing page and see all the benefits this project brings.