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What Is The Sump Pump Crock

In every waterproofing or foundation repair project, one of the first thing we ask the homeowner is about their sump pump. We need to know if it’s working properly, if it’s installed in the right spot and at the right depth, and how old it is.

These last two aspects concerning the place of the sump pump is called the sump pump crock.

Let’s see what is the sump pump crock exactly, and what you need to know about it.

Sump pump crock at night

All About The Sump Pump Crock

The sump pump crock is where the water that is collected around the foundation by the drain tile goes. 

The typical size is 30″ deep and 24″ in diameter which can hold approximately 25 gallons of water. The crock should be located at the lowest point of the basement at least 8 inches below the basement floor line. 

 When the crock is installed here are the acceptable items you should see inside:

Sump pump crock in mud
Sump pump in designated space

What you should NOT see inside the crock:

What To Do With A Sump Pump Crock

During a rainstorm when the water level in the crock 4 to 5 inches, the sump pump activates. 

Once the sump pump is activated it will discharge the water outside the home and away from the foundation. 

Sump pump drawing with all its elements

It is important to inspect the crock every couple of months to ensure that you don’t see things on the NOT list above.

If you see things on the NOT list it indicates that you have a potential issue with the pressure relief system.

Let An Expert Ensure 100% Sump Pump Functionality

If your sump pump stops working, or if the sump pump crock get’s filled with leaves, mud, or debris, it can lead to serious water damage around your foundation and in your basement.

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