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Mold Remediation in Laurel, MD

Enjoy a mold-free home and avoid all the health issues linked to mold with our expert mold removal services in Laurel, MD.

Mold Remediation in Laurel, MD

For homeowners in Laurel needing mold removal services, we’ve been the trusted team for years. Choosing us keeps your home safe and your family free from mold-related health issues.

Instead of dealing with health problems, you get great results and a safe home. Our team makes sure the mold is completely removed.

Professional mold remediation in Laurel, in protective gear spraying treatment on mold-infested wall for indoor air quality improvement

Benefits You Care About

Our top-notch service and great benefits have made a big impact, setting a new standard in quality. Take a look at the benefits we offer:

Here's What Professional Mold Remediation Looks Like

Your results could be just as impressive as the photos below, which might inspire your project. Check out the gallery to see the quality of our services:

60+ basements finished

70+ years of combined experience

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Real Reviews From Laurel Residents

We really appreciate the kind words and positive feedback from our customers. Their satisfaction is very important to us. Take a look at the nice things people are saying about us:
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Robin Murphy


I wish I had known about Capstone and had gotten their services years ago. We’ve been dealing with water issues in our cemented crawl space for years now. 

My neighbor recommended them and I am very glad I went with them. The fee for their service was reasonable, they were on time and actually finished a day earlier than expected. 

Joe seems knowledgeable and is friendly and professional. They did a great job and we haven’t had any issue with water seeping in since. The crawlspace looks terrific and stays dry.

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Oni Jordan


I absolutely loved working with Joe and his team. They did an excellent job on my property.  I got a sump pump put into my home after years of having excessive water and flooding. Joe is extremely professional.  Anytime I have any questions I can call Joe and he will answer the phone. My sump pump runs so smooth I can barely even hear it.  His team is also very clean and neat. I would definitely recommend them for any waterproofing services that you may need.

Mold Remediation Costs in Laurel, MD

Estimating the cost of mold removal is tough without knowing the details.
These prices can vary a lot depending on where you are and the extent of the work. Keep this in mind as a rough guide.

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Mold Remediation in Laurel, MD

Many factors influence the cost of mold cleanup, making each project unique. Here are some key points:

We Stick To The Budget & Timeline

Our team gives you clear timelines and budget estimates, so you know what to expect from beginning to end.

Budget Respect

We will stick to the original budget, so there won’t be any financial surprises. Our straightforward approach means you can trust us with your mold removal needs.

Timely Completion

We work hard to finish the project on time, so you can get back to a mold-free home quickly. Our efficient process keeps disruption to your daily life to a minimum.

3-Step Process For Succesful Collaborations

We want to make mold removal easy and stress-free for you. Our 3-step process makes everything simple, so you can enjoy your mold-free home quickly.
Schedule basement project



We hear your concerns and create a personalized plan together.
The team at Capstone working on a basement waterproofing



Our skilled team takes care of the clean-up process with accuracy and attention. Enjoy
Living space with bedroom and half bath in a basement with LVP flooring



Relax in your newly renovated and secure home without any worries.
Modern living room with tropical leaf wallpaper, gray sofa with yellow pillows, wooden coffee table, and indoor plants.

Mold Remediation in Laurel, MD - FAQs

You can try. Some household chemicals like 7% peroxide and vinegar might help. If you do, you’ll need full protective gear (mask with the right filter, Tyvek suit, gloves, boots, etc.).

But keep in mind that mold usually needs professional removal to keep it from coming back. Mold exposure can cause serious health issues. It might cost more to hire professionals, but it’ll save you trouble and risks in the long run.

Estimating costs can be tricky without specifics. 

Very small jobs, like minor water damage and easily accessible mold, cost around $500 – $1000. Small jobs, like a bathroom renovation to remove mold or harder-to-reach areas, range from $1000 – $5000.

Medium jobs, the most common, cost between $5000 – $30,000. These usually involve mold in crawlspaces, basements, or other rooms needing extra work.

Larger jobs start at $30,000 and can go up to $60,000. These include big attics with water leaks, basements needing waterproofing, and other extensive work beyond mold removal.

Prices can vary depending on location and the extent of work needed, so keep that in mind.

It depends on how well you keep your space dry. Mold is everywhere, but it grows faster if your home is humid. If humidity is above 60%, mold will likely start growing and spreading.

To avoid mold after cleanup, ventilate your home well and make sure your basement and crawlspace are waterproof.

If the mold problem isn’t too bad, we can section off the work area so you can stay at home. 

Sometimes, we advise clients to leave during the job, but it’s not always necessary. After our mold inspection, we’ll let you know if you’ll need to leave for a few days.

This depends on how bad the mold problem is. Removing mold from an area takes between 1 to 3 days.

There are different kinds of mold, and all can harm your health. Long-term exposure to mold can lead to asthma, sinus infections, allergies, and more. 

The most dangerous mold is Stachybotrys, also known as ‘black mold’. Chaetomium is often found in homes that have water damage. 

Aspergillus is in the air almost everywhere, and Penicillium is common in everyday environments, potentially causing asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues.

Joe, the owner of Capstone Waterproofing
Joe McPherson

Protect Your Family's Health From Mold Today

Proper mold remediation now means saving future repair costs and health issues. It’s a smart choice for any homeowner. 

Reach out at (202) 389-9121, and let our team guide your project to success.

(takes 1-2 min)

Laurel, MD, nestled between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, boasts a rich history and vibrant communities. Notable landmarks include the historic Montpelier Mansion, dating back to the 18th century, and the Laurel Park racetrack, a hub for thoroughbred horse racing. Additionally, the National Wildlife Visitor Center offers an interactive experience with nature, making Laurel an ideal mix of heritage and recreation.