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How to prepare for an exterior drainage project.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to water management around your foundation and yard. Let’s face it; water can be a nuisance for homeowners, whether it’s water that pools in your yard for a few days after a rainstorm, the yard stays muddy, unusable or those black pipes on your lawn to keep water away from the foundation. Here are five steps to get ready for your exterior water management project. 

Step 1

Before digging, we must have notified MISS Utility, who marks where the water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, and FiOS lines are buried underground. MISS Utility has 72 hours to mark the lines once the ticket is opened for their services. Please ensure that MISS Utility has access to your yard’s front, back, and sides. The yard should be pet-free (unless supervised) during the 72-hour window.

Step 2

After MISS Utility has marked all the lines, the digging phase of the project is ready to get started. 

Step 3

Day one of the digging phase, please ensure access to the front, back, sides of your yard as well as your driveway. Access to the front or backwater spigots and an electrical source would be helpful. 

Step 4

Now the fun begins: We will deliver materials, i.e., drains, drain pipe, stone, and concrete. The first shovel goes into the ground, and you are well on your way to properly managing the water in your yard!

Step 5

Please allow three to four days of curing time for the concrete.