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Four Signs You Need a Basement Waterproofer

It is important to know the signs of when it’s time to call in a basement waterproofer. 

Basement waterproofers are experts on repairing and fixing leaky basements, but you should be aware of the common signs that indicate your home needs their help. 

If you see any of these four signs, then contact your local basement waterproofing company for assistance!

#1. Water Damage On Walls

The first sign is if you see signs of water damage on your basement walls. Even a small leak can cause major problems, and it will only get worse over time. 

If the leaks aren’t taken care of quickly, they could lead to mold growth, which could also create other serious health issues for your family members!

Basement waterproofers inspect your basement to see the causes of the seepage to cure the problem.

Water damage on basement walls

#2. High Humidity Levels

The second sign is if you notice that the humidity levels in your basement have dramatically changed. If it has gone up or down by a large margin, there are moisture issues. 

A waterproofer company will check for any signs of water leaks and assist so they don’t worsen over time!

Healthy humidity levels should be between 30-50%. A basement waterproofing company has the tools to measure the humidity, moisture, etc., even thermal imagers.

A picture that shows heat and cold areas in a room
humidity in a mirror

#3. Mold And Mildew

The third sign is if you notice mold or mildew. Water leakage will cause the growth of these organisms, so it’s important to get any moisture under control before they spread! 

The basement waterproofing company should be able to test for this and treat the area accordingly. 

A lot of people don’t realize that mold can grow behind the drywall and baseboards. It’s important to have a basement waterproofing company that has mold inspection and remediating credentials.

#4. Basement Floods

The last sign is when you’ve exhausted all other options. If your basement continues to flood after fixing the issues causing it, it’s time to call in a professional waterproofing company! These technicians have years of experience… 
Basement flood
Sweeping water out of basement