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Exactly How Much Will It Cost Me To Keep My Basement Dry (2022)

Great question……

Pressure Relief System

Installing a pressure relief system can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment.  The average price (*National average: depends on the size of your basement) for installation is around ($8500-$13500); however, many companies charge extra if you want them to fix other issues like outside drainage or downspout extensions too!  We think every home deserves custom waterproofing solutions, so we always make sure our customers have options on how a system best suits their individual needs before starting any work.

Here are some add ons to the interior basement pressure relief system:


Mira Drain (Drainboard): ($500-$750) Drainboard is used on the foundation walls to stop the water from seeping into the living space of your basement.  During a typical installation, the height of the drainboard is 18-24 inches high.  Additional board height is required when the water pressure on the foundation wall is higher than two feet.

Window Well Drain

Window well drains: ($750-1200) It is proper practice to tie window well drains into your pressure relief system.  One and a half-inch PVC pipe should be used to tie the drain into the pressure relief system.  The window well drain should be backfilled with 12 inches of gravel.

Downspout Extentions

Downspouts buried underground: ($1000-$2000) Downspouts can cause excess water around the foundation and should be installed underground with the drainage flowing away from the foundation.

Pop Up Emitter

Pop-up drain emitter: ($250-$350) The final piece to an effective drainage system is a pop-up drain emitter.  Emitters are designed so that when pressure builds in the pipe, it’ll emit water away from your foundation and prevent pooling around the foundation.

Foundation Cracks

Sealing foundation cracks: ($700-$1500) (interior and exterior) Foundation cracks are a significant issue that needs immediate attention.  The cost for this type of repair depends on how large the crack is, what kind it is, interior or exterior.  Suppose your foundation has any size chipped area less than half-inch wide.  In that case, we will use grinders with sanding motions until smooth before applying hydraulic cement, which will fill up these tiny gaps, ensuring no air pockets are left behind when it is dry again.

Foundation Repairs

Foundation Wall Repair: (Depends on the severity of the damage and type of foundation) Foundation wall repair can be as simple or complex depending on the severity of damage and type of foundation you have.  Foundation repairs might include pinning walls, holding walls in place with carbon fiber strips or steel beams or rebuilding an entire foundation wall if necessary. A lot goes into these processes, so we recommend getting professional help!