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Exactly how much will it cost me to keep my basement dry?

Great question! Installing a pressure relief system sometimes referred to as a sump pump system or french drain system varies. The national average is in the neighborhood of $7,500-$12,500.  Most basement waterproofing companies will charge that just to install the pressure relief system and not handle all of the causes i.e. outside drainage issues, downspout extensions, etc. We believe that waterproofing systems should be custom for each home and not a one size fits all solution.

Here are some add ons to the interior basement pressure relief system:

-Drainboard height: ($250-$500) Drainboard is used on the foundation walls to stop the water from seeping into the living space of your basement.  During a typical installation the height of the drainboard is 18-24 inches. Additional board height is required when the water pressure on the foundation wall is higher than two feet. Usually, when the additional drainboard needs to be added is when the foundation wall is not composed of cinder block.

-Window well drains: ($700-$1,000) It is proper practice to tie the window well drain into the pressure relief system. Drains should be tied in with 1.5″ PVC pipe buried under 12″ of moisture rocks.

-Downspouts buried underground: ($500-$1,000) Downspouts that are causing excessive water around the foundation should have an underground drainage system flowing away from the foundation. The drainage system should be a 4″ inch triple wall system.

-Pop up drain emitter:  ($150-$250) Pop up drain emitters are the final piece to underground drainage. These drains go at the end of the 4″ inch triple wall pipe and once the water pressure builds in the pipe the drain pops up to allow the water to disperse away from the foundation

-Sealing foundation cracks: ($700-$1500) (interior and exterior) Foundation cracks are a sign that the water issue is not far from becoming a major issue. Cracks allow moisture, gases and odors into the basement.  For cracks less than a half-inch we would use a grinder to break off the chipped foundation. Once the crack is smooth we would add hydraulic cement to fill.

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