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Project Profile: Kensington, MD Foundation Repair


A common problem around Prince Georges and Montgomery County is homeowners not knowing that their foundation walls require repair.

This is precisely what the Taylor family was dealing with!

Their bowing wall was made worse by drywall framing and insulation covering the foundation wall.

Here’s how we helped:

First, we removed all of the drywall. During the demolition process, we found fungi growth on the back of the drywall due to the constant water intrusion.

Then we stabilized the wall by inserting pins (rebar and 3500 PSI cement).

Finally, we installed a drainage system around the perimeter walls to keep the water from entering the basement and away from the foundation.

As a result, they can now enjoy their new water-free basement, allowing them to entertain in their basement with peace of mind and no longer worrying about water in the basement, their foundation wall collapsing or harmful mold developing in the basement.