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Basement Waterproofing job in Temple Hills

Operation no more sleepless nights!!!!!

Initial Investigation

This is a real basement waterproofing job in Temple Hills, MD. In townhomes, the typical problem area is the front of the home has a walkout basement.  This particular client’s home is located at the bottom of the development so the water pressure from the community was on the front wall.  Anytime it rained heavily the client was on water clean up duty, unfortunately. We let the client know that the problem was the water pressure caused small cavities in the cinderblock allowing water to seep in the basement.  This basement was in need of a new pressure relief system due to the builder’s system failing.  Most builder systems are the bare minimum one size fit all solution to managing water around the home.


The setup

We pride ourselves on protecting our client’s assets.  Part of the job is prepping the area to keep down the noise, dust and debris. Here are the first few phases:

  1. 6 mil plastic at doorways, floors, furniture, etc.
  2. Remove the drywall and insulation up two feet from the floor line to determine the damage the water has caused to the foundation wall.
  3. Remove the framing (bottom plate and studs) up two feet from the floor line.
  4. Start removing the floor to create a trench to get to the footer of the home.

The install

  1. Install the 4-inch drain tile to direct the water to the sump pump crock.
  2. Add the drainboard on the wall to stop the water from entering the living space of the basement. The dimples in the drainboard force any water that comes through the wall down into the trench with the drain tile to go the sump pump crock.
  3. Moisture rocks are added to the trench as a filter to keep mud, dirt and any type of drain tile to allow the water to flow freely.
  4. Now the floor can be closed up and the problem is solved!

No more sleepless nights 

This client can now sleep at night nor worry about what they are going to have to come home to while away during the rain.  The client was extremely happy that the process TOOK ONE DAY!  

“Thank you Capstone, I can now sleep at night!!!” -J.S.