Waterproofing Solutions And Basement Remodeling For A Safer, More Comfortable Home

Protect yourself and your home from the harmful effects of water damage and renovate your basement to the entertainment space of your dreams

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Genuine connections. Bright smiles. Family time. Comforting memories. These are all things we aspire to have.

But can you really have any of those if your home isn’t even safe to breathe in?

No one should have to live with mold, leaky basements, or unusable spaces in their home.

We’re Capstone Waterproofing Solutions and we provide superior and expert waterproofing and basement remodeling services so that your home is dependable from the ground up.

Let’s bring everyone back together in a house that represents and protects you. Let’s get you all those things you aspire to have.

Our Services

Serving Clinton, Upper Marlboro, Bowie, Waldorf, and DC


Water is very powerful and doesn’t stop easily in its way. To make matters worse, it comes with a list of potential health issues if left unattended. With an efficient waterproof system you will:

Basement Remodeling

Most basements are unfinished due to water issues, mold or the belief that finishing them involves a high cost. A basement renovation gives you:

Our Process

From Stressed Out To Clean House, Fast, Low-Hassle, And On Budget


We’ll get on a call to talk about your unique project idea, budget, and timeline.


We’ll clean, update, and transform your space exactly as discussed.

Enjoy Your Home

Feel 100% relaxed in a home that is mold-free and ready to share with friends.

Founder Joe is On a Mission to Help People Have An Environmentally Safe Home

After getting seriously ill at a property preservation and not being able to spend Christmas with his family, founder Joe went on a mission of educating people about mold. 

He didn’t want anyone else to experience the sickness he experienced. Educating people about environmental issues in a house and how to do proper construction and renovation projects is the company’s mission. 

Your health and comfort are our #1 priority.

300+ Jobs Well Done


basements transformed


houses waterproofed

5 Star Service

Natasha Black-Middleton

I contacted Joseph for a leaking basement. Joseph came out with his team and gave me a very good assessment, a very reasonable estimate and they have been prompt and on-time.

They showed me the new sump pump that they were putting in, rebar, the box footings, they even gave me a website to follow every day on the work they’re doing. He also recommended where to put down new drain spouts so my yard doesn’t get wet. […]

When I tell you these guys are phenomenal, they are phenomenal!

Monique West

Saying that I am grateful for finding Capstone Waterproofing Solutions would be an understatement. The owner kept me informed every step of the way. The crew arrived on time, unearthed the pipes beneath the ground, redirected the pipes (sump pump issues), and by the end of the day you couldn’t even tell that they were even there! Professional, trustworthy and I highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed. They truly went above and beyond my expectations.

Jacqueline Wheeler
I had an issue with water flowing into my basement when there was a heavy rain. CAPSTONE has professionally installed a sump pump and all necessary devices to prevent this problem from reoccurring. They went above and beyond in providing services to perfect their assignment. They were professional, thorough, neat, and extremely efficient. I would recommend this company to anyone who is experiencing the same problem.
Ian Burpo
Fantastic service and great work. They were on time (mostly early) and have a great system. Joe was a great communicator and the job was done fast.

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