When can you come out to give me a quote?

“When can you come out to give me a quote”? Too often that is the first question that clients ask a contractor. I believe that first question stems from so many contractors advertising free estimates. When potential clients choose to call Capstone, we are very grateful for the opportunity to serve, however we have a different approach. To end a long term myth, there is no such thing as a free estimate.  One way or another you are paying for the man hours of visiting your property, inspecting, consulting, and estimate preparation. That payment comes in the form of higher job prices or low ball pricing to get in the door and then start adding to the initial price.

Is it a bad idea for the contractor to know your motive for your project before hopping in his or her truck to give the “free estimate”? Is it a bad idea for the contractor to know your thoughts on a budget to make sure we are in the same ball park, before hopping in his or her truck to give the “free estimate”? Is it a bad idea for the contractor to speak to all the decision makers when he or she visits the property to ensure that everyone is on the same page?  Is it ridiculous for the contractor to want to protect your time as well as his or hers to determine the potential fit for your project?

Your investment in your project is important and selecting a contractor to collaborate with should be important as well. Spending a few minutes on the initial call with a contractor to fully understand what you are looking for provides a great start to selecting the best contractor for your needs.

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  1. When I contacted this company, I thought they would tell me that my job was too small and they didn’t have time for me. That was certainly not the case. Joe McPherson (Owner) indicated that “no job is too small”. He took the time to listen to my needs and concerns, then came out to survey the situation. He was very professional and respectful throughout the entire process. What I like most about this company is that the owner returned to my home after the job was done to inspect the work done and to ensure customer satisfaction. This made me feel like he really cared if I was pleased with the work and not just doing it for the money. From my experience with another contractor, after his team did the work, I received an invoice via email requesting final payment. No one called to find out if we were satisfied with the work, it was not a good feeling. I would definitely recommend Capstone to my family and friends.

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