Installing waterproof paint on foundation walls vs a pressure relief system (sump pump system)

As a professional I can tell you that the use of waterproof paint on foundation walls is a band aid. Waterproof paint does not stop water from entering a basement over time. A famous quote from my mentor: “You can’t band aid water.” This will be a little technical, but the next time a contractor  offers to install waterproof paint on your walls remember this:

Factor #1- Your home’s roof:

We’ll use an average size roof of 1500 square ft.

Factor #2- The rain:

For every inch of rain a 1500 square foot roof collects 930 gallons of water. A Gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds

930 gallons x 8.35 pounds= 7,765.50 pounds

Two inch rain 1860 gallons of water

1,860 gallons x 8.35 pounds= 15,531 pounds

Three inch rain 2790 gallons of water

2,790 gallons x 8.35 pounds= 23,296.50

How this water is managed plays a key role

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Way to manage the water:

Understanding water pressure- PSI (Pounds per square inch):

What can happen if not managed correctly:

Factor #3- Waterproof paint in action

Waterproof paint chipping from the water pressure:

Factor #4- Pressure relief system (Sump pump system) in action

Sump Pump

How much will this cost: